ZİRVE Lighting poles and Flagpoles; lighting poles, stainless and polygonal flag poles, composite products, city furniture and park garden equipment with a poetic and artistic approach to maximize visual beauty, was established to touch the spirit of institutions and cities.

Our vision; To be a leading company in our field at all around the worls with our technology-oriented, innovative, rational and principled approach.

--Technology-oriented work

- Doing the work we know best and correctly,

- Passionately connected to our work,

- Fulfilling customer requests in the best way,

-Not to lose confidence even at the expense of harm,

- To be honest and stand behind our promise,

-To produce products that will add value to the world for our country,

-Watching the world and always doing the best,

- Working with reason, not ambition,

- Doing business lovingly, protecting nature and the environment,

- Growing with love and care, not heart breaking.


Our Zirve Lighting poles and Flagpole factory functions in Ankara Keresteciler Sitesi (industrial area= with a poetic and artistic approach to decorative lighting poles, stainless flag poles, composite products, city furniture, lighting and park garden equipment. Our factory has been in operation since 1998 and has 2 master heads, 10 experts and 5 team members.

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